Easy DIY Cardboard Cat Playhouse

by Monika
DIY cardboard playhouse for cats

Having a cat is so much fun. Whatever it is they do, they are fun to watch, even when they are asleep. (Or am I the only one that finds it amusing?) But it is even more fun for you and your kitty when they have a bunch of toys to play with and entertain themselves with.

Luckily, cats are easily entertained and even putting out a few boxes can bring them hours of joy! But if you want to get a bit crafty and make something more special for your feline, here’s an idea – you can make this simple DIY cardboard cat playhouse. It doesn’t look like much, it hasn’t been perfectly designed, but it serves its purpose – giving hours of entertainment for our furry family!

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How to make a simple DIY cardboard cat playhouse

Here is what you will need to make this simple cat playhouse with how-to instructions. It only takes approximately half an hour, a bit longer if your cat gets in the way all the time, but it will be finished in no time.


  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • 1 large, square box that has the dimensions 15” x 15” x 15”
  • 1 thick piece of cardboard that is 9” x 18”
  • Box that is 10” x 12” x 4 ½”
  • 3 toilet paper tubes
  • Piece of orange felt
  • Roll of blue duck tape
  • Cat toys that hang from ribbon or string


Step 1. Cut the top flaps off of the square box. The opening of the box will be the bottom that sets on the floor.

Step 2. Use a bowl or compass to make a circle on the front of the box that is 8 ½” in diameter. It should be about 3 ½” from each side and at least 2 inches from the top of the box.

Step 3. Cut out this circle.

Step 4. Using the duck tape begin wrapping the tape around the inside of the whole out to the front edge of the box.

DIY cat playhouse 1

Step 5. Continue taping until the inside of the hole and the front of the box is covered.

Step 6. Use long strips of duck tape to tape the front corners of the box. Half the tape will go on the front and half on the sides. This will make the edges look finished.

Step 7. Take the smaller box and use the hot glue gun to glue the top flaps together to extend the height of the box.

Step 8. Glue 3 toilet paper tubes to the right side of the box near the center.

Step 9. Glue the smaller box onto the top of the larger box so that the left and back edges are lined up.

DIY cat playhouse 2

Step 10. Use the duck tape to cover the side of the box where the toilet paper tubes are.

Step 11. Secure the flat piece of cardboard to the top box so that the right ends are even and there is an overhang on the left side.

Step 12. Use the duck tape to cover the edges of the top box for a cleaner look.

DIY cat box house

Step 13. Attach cat toys to hang off the edge of the top ledge. You can also make your own cat toys for this.

Step 14. Put cat toys into the toilet paper tubes.

Step 15. Add a piece of orange felt to the bottom of the box on top and use hot glue to secure it. (You can also add a cushion to the inside of the bottom area if desired.)

You can even decorate your playhouse with a cat picture like in this easy step-by-step cat drawing.

I hope you liked my little project and that it inspired you to make something like this for your cat. Unleash your creative side, get crafty and you might even come up with your own new brilliant DIY cardboard cat playhouse that your cat will love.

Have you ever tried making something crafty and cool for your cat to play with?

Let me know in the comment!

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Bob June 5, 2019 - 7:39 pm

How long did this last for your kitty? I want to make one but I’m between using cardboard or wood. I want it to last a while!

Monika June 6, 2019 - 10:29 am

Like all things cardboard, it didn’t last a whole lot, unfortunately 🙂 If you have the tools and materials to make it out of wood, I would definitely go with wood 🙂


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