Best Interactive Cat Toys to Keep Indoor Kitties Entertained for Hours

by Pete
Best interactive cat toys for indoor cats

My cat Bruce is purely an indoor cat. He, for whatever reason, will not go outside, whereas my other cat Sanchez spends most days and nights roaming the streets around where I live.

As he is an indoor cat he does not get to run around or hunt or stalk anything.

Indoor cats need more exercise

Bruce needs more exercise than Sanchez does to keep his weight down and make sure he stays healthy as he does not go outside. This is the same for all indoor cats and you should be encouraging them to play more and get more exercise.

Whereas Sanchez gets a lot of his exercise from running around in the local parks and hunting mice and chasing birds, and whatever else he gets up to on his outdoor adventures.

Cats, in general, can be pretty lazy. If Bruce had his way he would sleep and eat all day, which would definitely cause some health issues I am sure. So I do have to play with him and make sure that he has interesting toys that he loves.

However, when he wants to be he is also really playful and amused by anything. While Sanchez hunts mice in the fields where he plays, Bruce often hunts my shoelaces when I put my shoes on.

Play with your indoor cat as much as possible

Not only is playing with your cat a great form of exercise for them, it is also great fun for them and you, and creates an amazing bond between you and your furry friend. They will look forward to you playing with them, just as much as you will.

There is a toy for every type of cat

Indoor cat toys

All cats are unique, and want and need different things. They are all characters and have their own personality.

There is a multitude of toys available to purchase, from the classic styles to the new interactive cat toys, from scratchers and balls on a string to lasers and full on interactive pet technology.

No matter what type of personality your cat has, they will show you their appreciation tenfold for engaging them with a toy that they just love to play with.

If you have an indoor cat that is misbehaving chances are that it may just be bored, and if you play with him or her so they can expend their energy, then you will find that their behavior should improve.

If you are anything like me then you probably do worry about your cat getting bored when you leave them at home. Which is why interactive toys are a great way for your cat to play.

You should always take the time to engage with your cat as well rather than just let them play on their own. Believe me, it is fun for both of you.

The best interactive cat toys for indoor cats

Okay, so what is on Bruce’s list of toys? Here is our list of the best interactive cat toys that he recommends.

1. Pioneer Pet Smart Peek a Prize

SmartCat Peek-A-Prize Toy Box

Pioneer Pet Smart Peek a Prize Toy Box

This is an amazing toy to invigorate your feline’s natural hunting instincts.

This interactive cat toy comes with 2 toys that you can hide in the beautifully built wooden box and will keep your cat highly entertained for hours while they hunt the toys inside trying to get them out.

I often load this up with toys for Bruce before leaving for the office, and when I get back I find them all scattered about the floor.

He genuinely loves this toy and like I said it is nice as it allows him to use his natural cat instincts of hunting, whereas Sanchez gets his hunting thrills outside (also this toy is nice as it doesn’t leave “gifts” of mice and small birds for me on the doorstep!).

2. Bergan Turbo Scratcher

Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy

Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy

Let’s face it, cats love to scratch, and if you have an indoor cat that does not have a toy to scratch on you definitely run the risk of your carpet or furniture falling pray to their claws.

The Bergen Turbo Scratcher is an amazing way for your cat to unleash their claw fury on with the durable scratch pad in the center (like with any scratchers the surface can wear out, however, the Bergen allows you to replace the pad).

Another nice feature (apart from potentially saving you hundreds of dollars on a new couch) is the fact that you can put a small ball in the outer channel on the toy which your cat can nudge and push around.

This toy has been an absolute lifesaver for me, where Sanchez gets to scratch on trees outside, Bruce was constantly scratching at my flooring, now I have got this scratching toy for him he no longer does this, in fact, he can spend hours playing with the ball feature and not just scratching.

3. Catit Design Sense Play Circuit

Catit Design Sense Play Circuit

Catit Design Sense Play Circuit

This track toy offers a hide and seek style of play for your cat, which is in my opinion perfect for keeping kittens amused rather than older cats.

The track itself is really strong and well worth the price for the amusement value it brings to your feline friend.

4. Ourpets Cosmic Catnip Snake Toy

Ourpets Cosmic Catnip Snake Toy

OurPets Cosmic Catnip Cat Toy

Any self-respecting cat toy list would not be acceptable without having at least one catnip toy on there would it!

Now some cats do go crazy for catnip while others do not like it in the slightest. I can safely say that both my cats fall into both categories. Sanchez absolutely hates catnip and will not have anything to do with it or go near it, whereas Bruce loves the stuff.

This Snake Toy by Ourpets is interesting enough with its shape and texture to keep Bruce amused for a short period of time.

5. Pet Qwerks Kitty Babble Ball

Pet Qwerks Kitty Babble Ball

Pet Qwerks Kitty Babble Ball

This Babble Ball has over 20 noises to keep your cat amused and playing for hours on end.

One thing that is worth noting is that it is infused with catnip which not all cats enjoy, however, this does eventually wear off.

The ball itself is really well made. The noises are triggered when the ball is moved, and most nights I can hear Bruce chasing after this, luckily the ball turns itself off when not in use, so it saves battery life.

6. Go!CatGo! Play n Treat Balls

Go!CatGo! Play n Treat Balls

Go!CatGo! Play n Treat Balls

These are a favorite in our house because you can fill the ball itself up with cat treats or kibble.

With this toy Bruce and Sanchez not only have fun chasing the ball around, but they get rewarded with treats from it as they roll it around.

This is perfect for times when I have to go out for the day and leave the cats alone, most times I come home and the balls are totally empty (yet they are still playing with them to try and get more out!).

7. SmartyKat Feather Whirl

SmartyKat Feather Whirl

SmartyKat Feather Whirl

Cats love feathers, and this fast moving and whirling cat toy is sure to keep even the laziest of cats amused for ages.

As I have mentioned before Bruce is pretty nervous and shy, and does not like loud noises, however, he loves this toy as it is really quiet. It also definitely keeps him in shape and healthy as it whirls and spins around the floor so he chases it everywhere. It also allows him to practice his natural stalking behavior.

Household items can also make a great cat toy

Household cat toys

Of course, you do not have to spend loads of money to keep your cat happy and entertained (in fact most of the toys on this list do not break the bank and are pretty cheap).

Both my cats do play with more regular household items, for example, Sanchez loves to play with cardboard boxes and containers and spends hours on chewing and scratching them.

Another favorite household item that they often play with is cardboard tubes (from toilet and kitchen roll) often picking them out of the recycling and chasing them around the house.


No matter what toy you use to engage and play with your cat it is definitely worthwhile. I always try to spend at least half an hour a day playing and interacting with my cats, and always leave an interactive cat toy out for them whenever I go out so they do not get bored when I am gone.

For me personally, I think apart from being fun and healthy for your cat and creating a stronger bond between you, a good cat toy should allow cats to use their natural behaviors, like hunting and stalking and chasing.

Too often we forget that these amazing animals are not truly domesticated and should be able to remember and use their wild roots. That is the main criteria I look for when buying a new toy for my cats.

How long do you spend playing with your cat?

What are your cat’s favorite toys? What do you mostly play with them with?

We would love to hear from you, simply leave a comment below!

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